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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turn off and unplug what you don't use!

Did you know that all those unused appliances plugged into your wall are using up electricity and money from your wallet? Money you could be using to get your pup a new toy, or some yummy treats!

According to Planet Green:

Though it's known by a laundry list of names-phantom load, idle current, vampire power and wall wart are the most common-this "phantom energy" all does the same thing: sucks extra energy from the grid into your home when you aren't looking and you don't need it.

Many gadgets, electronic devices and appliances draw power even when they're switched off or not in use, just by being plugged in, and though it may seem trivial, it can add up over time.

So what can you do beyond going around and unplugging everything when it's not being used?

Green Planet goes on to recommend several things to cut the cord on 'phantom power'.

One is purchase smart a Smart Power Strip. This power strip not only acts as a surge protector for your appliances, it also completely turns off any appliances connected to it when shut down.

Another is to utilize a Kill-A-Watt detector. This device is placed between any appliance and its outlet, and measures energy use by the kilowatt so you can calculate consumption patterns, assess appliance efficiency when the appliance is off or on.

You can also install a Green Switch in your home. With the flip of just one switch you can substantially reduce home energy consumption. They say the average home installation can be done in about an hour, utilizing wireless technology.

So, take a few steps, and help save energy, and your budget!

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