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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help a shelter dog!

Margaret Mead once said...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

Being a green dog is a great way to live - we help the environment, we live a healthy and happy life. But not all dogs are as fortunate as we are. Many are living in shelters and rescues all across the country; and they need us. They need a furever home, just like we have.

This month is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, a time when we can shine the light on pups in shelters and rescues all across the country, in hopes that we can help them find their furever home.

Today I want to share a wonderful adoption story. A story of hope. The story of Ernie...

In January of 2007 I started my blog, Rescue Me, because I wanted to help other pups in shelters find a wonderful home, just like I now have. Every day we post about a dog, living in a shelter or rescue, hoping that it brings awareness and helps them find their forever home.

On that day, we saw a pup on in a shelter here in Indianapolis. His name was Ernie, and he needed a home. We asked the nice folks at the Southside Animal Shelter if Ernie could be our mascot - the mascot for Rescue Me. They agreed. For nearly two years Ernie has appeared in our promotional logos and videos; and has helped us get the word out about the pups needing homes.

We had never met Ernie (who was named Bosco then), but here is what his Petfinder page said about him:

Bosco is a sweet boy who has lots of energy and loves belly rubs! He likes just about everybody, but will need a home without small children, 'cause he's got so much energy that he may knock them down without meaning too!

He's just about 1 year young and ready to go have some fun!! Bosco will need a fenced yard and basic obedience training, and would also benefit from daily long walks or even runs once he gets the obedience thing down!

We checked in with Ernie through the months after he became our mascot. After a year long stay at the shelter and passed over for adoption, he was taken in by a foster family that cared for him until he could be adopted. We learned later that after a year and a half, Ernie finally found a home. But after that we lost track of him.

Then, just last month we received an email, a very special email. It was from Ernie's new furever Mom. She saw our blog and our promotional video, and emailed us to tell us that she is the luckiest dog Mom in the World.

Here's what she wrote...

Dear Johann,

I just happened to see your Rescue Me video from November 2007, and my dog Ernie is the first one shown. We adopted Ernie last October (from the Southside Animal Shelter), and he has brought us much joy! Here is a current picture of him - he will be turning 2 next month.

I was delighted and laughed out loud when you told me his original name was Bosco! For fun, I called to him, "Bosco, Bosco, Bosco," and he ran around the house. And now Bosco has become his middle name: Ernie Bosco Shay. He loves it!

I had a childhood dog, but Ernie is my first dog as an adult. I can't believe he wasn't adopted when he was younger. He is the sweetest, happiest boy you could ever meet. It was just meant to be for me to adopt Ernie, and I am so grateful.

He loves to play ball and roll around in the grass. We have a big back yard and part of it is attached to a levy which means that one side of the yard has quite a steep hill to it. He loves running to the top of the hill and sliding down on his belly to the bottom. He is all smiles when he does it.

Please let people know Ernie has found a wonderful forever home. I took these pictures of him today. It is so cool that Ernie is the Rescue Me mascot. He is very special indeed!

Signed, Ernie's Mom

Ernie is one lucky boy, just like me!

This month, as we spotlight National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, think about how you can help a pup in need - whether it be through adoption, financially, by volunteering of your time, or by donating a few useful items to your local shelter or rescue group. They need you, and they will be very grateful. I know I was!


We are participating in the First Annual Pet 'Net Adoption Event, a blogging event shared with many other pet bloggers in the blogosphere. Be sure and stop by's Pet 'Net Adoption Hub see all the blogs participating, read all the wonderful adoption stories, and get more information about how you can help pets in shelters and rescues all over the country.


  1. Hey great post.. we picked up our dog from the shelter best move we made.


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