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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make your own eco-friendly dog tug toy!

Dog toys can be so expensive. And it's really fun to buy some nice Made in the USA, organic, safe and fun toys for your pups as gifts for their Barkday, or the Holidays, or for other special events.

But what about everyday toys? If you are like me and Gracie, well, we can go through toys, like kitties go through cat litter.

You can save loads of money by making your own. We do it all the time. Remember I told you a couple of months ago, that Gracie's new favorite toy was an old cotton towel that Mum had lying around the house for years? That towel has been turned into several tugs toys for Gracie over the past year. And it's still going strong. She tugged with it just last night, after Mum put together a few quick knots, until she could get it braided. My sis is soooo impatient.

Today we found a great site with instructions for making your own dog tug toy - from an old pair of your jeans! Jeans that have been worn and wash for years can now have a new life as the best thing that ever happened to your dog's life!

Check out Instructables for all the great instructions for making your dog's new favorite toy.

Your dog doesn't like to tug? Try 'accidentally' spilling a little chicken stock on the toy, or tucking a little cheese in the crevices, and then see how they like it.

Remember, always supervise your pup when playing with toys - it's the safest way to be. And have lots and lots of fun!


  1. My cats are only ever happy playing with everyday objects they find around the house - they never like store bought toys. Perhaps they would enjoy a home made toy too.

  2. I used a cheap freebie fleece blanket to make the same type of tug toy for my dog and a bunch for my sister's puppy who still like to eat and destroy all of his toys.

  3. Thanks for the information. We're always looking for other ways to entertain our dogs by making our own toys, etc. Our doberman likes to eat everything, so we have to be very careful with her. However, we have found one toy that she never chews up although it's plastic. I'm not sure why, but she keeps her purple dragon in good shape.

    Here's a great article on how to turn Fido into a tree-hugging dog:

  4. My dog eats absoulutely everything! i am so glad i found some things here for him to keep him occupied while we are out


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