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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green clean!

Being the green dog that I am, I love green products; you know those ones that are good for the environment and good for me.

So when the nice folks at Canine Earth wanted to send us a couple of their new products, we jumped at the chance.

Recently they sent us two sample sizes of their 'Not So Mangy Mango' conditioning coat cleaner, and the same 'flavor' of their aromatherapy coat spray. They have other 'flavors', like lavender and coconut, but we have our regular cleanser in those scents. So it was great to try something new!

Being the guy that I am, I don't like anything perfume-y. The Canine Earth conditioner and spray were just right - not perfume-y at all, but very clean smelling. Mum can't stop shoving her nose into my fur and taking big wiffs. Knock it off Mum!

And take a look at me! Don't I look handsome - well, at least I look clean and shiny. The cleanser did a great job of getting the agility grime off me, and left me looking my best.

But the best, best, best part? It's that these conditioners, cleansers and sprays, don't have any bad stuff in them. They are certified organic under USDA National Organic Program standards; are naturally self-preserving, petro chemical free, and have absolutely no artificial colorants or fragrance - which not only makes them good for me, but great for the environment too!

So when you get a chance, stop by their site and say hi to Brodie! He's one cool Green Dog and the mastermind behind Canine Earth; and read all about their mission, and their new products.

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