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Friday, December 28, 2007

News: The environmental impact of pets. Part 2: What you can do!

Christie Keith continues her article on the environmental impact of pets. In part 2, she discusses specific things you can do to help your pet go green!
An overwhelming sense of guilt may have been the biggest thing you got from my previous column on the environmental impact of owning pets. But there are many steps you can take, from easier to the more difficult, to reduce the carbon pawprint of your companion animals.
Read more of Christie's article, and learn how you can help your pet and the environment. And if you need additional resources, check out these great sites for wonderful environmentally friendly, organic and recycled products for your pet! - has an amazing array of products, from foods and treats, toys, litter, collars, poo bags, and more! Be sure and check out the organic foods and treats, and organic toys! - is a great site with some wonderful environmentally friendly products. Visit their site and find great looking recycled dog beds and toys, help rope tugs, and more!

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