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Friday, November 16, 2007

News: Bankstown - green dog progress in Austrialia!

This just great to see! The City Council of Bankstown in Australia is really thinking about the impact us pups (and other 'best friends') have on the environment. Very progressive of them. The Bankstown City Council provides a range of services and facilities for residents, visitors and local businesses. Bankstown, which was established in 1797 by Governor Hunter in honour of Sir Joseph Banks, is today one of the largest Local Government Areas in New South Wales, with approximately 170,000 residents speaking more than 60 different languages. We found an article on their website that they explain...
We all love our pets, but it is essential that we all become responsible pet owners. Responsible pet ownership allows you to enjoy the presence of native birds and wildlife in your surroundings as well as your pet. Poor management of domestic animals can have a significant impact on the local environment in numerous ways from producing pollution to killing native wildlife.
Read more! And good job for getting the info out Bankstown!

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