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Friday, August 29, 2014

Introducing the newly published Raise A Green Dog book!

For years people have asked us to write a book and we finally did it!

The Raise A Green Dog book is a comprehensive, searchable ebook on how to raise a healthier, happier dog and help the environment at the same time.

Over 200 pages packed full of information, Raise A Green Dog, includes tons of articles, tips and tricks from everything to:

Help you create an organic lawn and garden for the health of your dog, to
What healthier diets to select, to
How to dispose of the ‘doo’ responsibly, to
Healthy homemade treat recipes, to
Making your own dog toys and other dog gear, and
Everything in between.

With an ebook we are saving trees, which is very important; but just as important, when you purchase and download the ebook you can take it with you on those all important trips to the store and quickly search to be certain that the products you are purchasing for your dog are the healthiest and safest they can be!

What are they saying about Raise A Green Dog?

“The authors of the website and blog are focused on providing timely, useful information on earth friendly pet care.” ~ The Wall Street Journal

Helping your dog go green is easy with resources like Raise a Green Dog. This website is a eco-dog owners dream with loads of information on how to stay sustainable with Spot. ~ Ecoki

You can purchase the book directly from our website to download for your Kindle or Kindle app, Nook or Nook app, or in PDF form for your PDF reader. (Remember you don't need a Kindle or Nook to get the app for your computer, phone or tablet.). Get it now at $5.99 ($2 off the price it will be when it goes on sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in about a week).

We hope you enjoy the book and if you get a chance we'd love to hear from you either through an email.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Simple, easy, frozen chicken broth dog treats!

We're deep in the dog days of summer and it's hot, hot, hot!!!

So why not make a super simple, easy cool treat for your dog.

Today we are sharing one of our favorite cool treats - Frozen Chicken Broth Treats for Dogs - they are very quick and easy treats to make.

Simply purchase organic chicken broth from your local store (be sure and check the ingredients that it's just chicken broth, K? No added onions, garlic, etc., to be safe).

Then pour the chicken broth into your favorite BPA free ice cube tray or ice pop molds and freeze. Our dogs love these and they are packed full of protein, calcium, vitamin A & C, iron and more.

And if you'd like to go further, you can make the chicken broth yourself from left over raw or cooked chicken bones and meat:

  • Just throw it all in a stock pot and cover with water. 
  • Simmer uncovered for about four hours. 
  • Then drain and you have a very healthy broth you can use for your dogs and for you.


Photo courtesy of Tricia and John Wright.
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