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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your Green Dog Holiday Shopping Resource Guide!

Wheeee!!!!! It's that time of year...time for family, fun, gifts and giving!

So we wanted to put together all the great resources to help you find great, green, eco-friendly, holiday gifts, gear and treats for your green dog!

All of our Raise A Green Dog partners are smaller, independent businesses that not only have pawsome green dog items, but they all, in some way,  help those pups that are less fortunate. We hope you'll support them this Holiday season and pick up your green dog something special!

Earth Heart specializes in natural remedies using plant-based ingredients to help dogs live a happier, healthier lives. They're products include Canine Calm, perfect for helping your pup cope with the business holiday season; Travel Calm, to help your dog be more comfy on those long holiday trips; Buzz Guard, a great product to keep the nasties at bay, and Guard Well, an all-natural remedy mist to help keep the immune system boosted. Receive one free product with your online order during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Nov 23-27. Just enter code: 'RGD Thanks 2011' at checkout!

Earthborn Holistic produces delicious, natural food for your pet, while creating awareness about the environment and practicing reduce, reuse, and recycle in their company practices. They are a super high premium kibble that's great for travel, training and anytime! You can pick up Earthborn Holistic at your local independent pet supply store, check out their website to find a store near you or online.

Farm Dog Naturals creates Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner that neutralizes dog urine and odors, perfect for those holiday oopsies. And their Salvation Salve heals those crusty noses and cracked paws you can get in the winter months, while their Restore Salve which stops itching and heals wounds from ouchies!

TheDogmaOnline is a pawsome resource for all your raw and healthy dog food needs and they have an amazing deal of free shipping for all their raw food packages, Bravo, Primal Raw, and Northwest Naturals. While you're there pick up some pawsome treats and use "PAWS1" when checking out to get 5% off and Or use "APR2" when checking out and you get 5% off and help donate 5% to PawsAtlanta.Rescue. provides all natural, grain free dog and cat foods, and eco-friendly pet products with the end result of 'leaving smaller carbon paw prints. And the best part is Eco Dogs is offering 10% off any items for the Holiday Season. Enter "Happy Howlidays" at check out!

Like to cook for your dog? Are you looking for a completely balanced, organic, whole foods, fresh cooked canine diet with no additives, sulfites, preservatives or fillers? Here's a great resource - West Coast Canine Life offers human quality, organic, whole foods dog food, a fresh cooked diet for your dog's optimum health.

Happy Dogs Play is the safest place to buy dog toys on the internet. They offer organic, natural, green toys, completely and independently tested to make sure they are non-toxic and lead-free. And they have a pawsome selection of really fun toys and other dog gear!

From clothing to toys to health care and grooming products, offers discounted, eco-friendly dog and cat accessories and solutions for environmentally-conscious owners. From now until Christmas they are having a Countdown to Christmas sale! Each day they will have a selected dog product at up to 25% off! And Black Friday (Nov 25th) only receive free shipping on any $25 order. Use the code 'BlackFriday' at checkout.

Simply For Pets creates specialized treats for dogs with special health issues. Their Kanine Krispies is a line of all natural specialty treats for dogs with allergies, diabetes, arthritis, nutritional and more. They even have one with Ginger to help with those holiday upset tummies! Kanine Kollections is a line of pet beds, blankets and travel accessories.

If you haven't checked out Uncommon Paws we surely recommend you do! They provide interesting, unique, high quality products made with the best, sustainable, natural materials on the market. Be sure and check out their knitted wool dog sweaters and amazing handmade collars!

And don't forget to check out all the great green dog companies in our Raise A Green Dog Directory!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We sure are thankful for you, and all the green dogs that help keep our pawsome Planet Earth the healthiest it can be!

Have a great green travels and we hope you get some healthy eats and treats!

-- Gracie and Johann and Leslie

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Healthy, homemade sweet potato chews for dogs!

It's that time of year...time for sweet potatoes! If you are out shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, be sure and pick up some extra sweet potatoes to make a homemade, yummy, healthy treat for your dog!

I love sweet potatoes, they are a super yummy and really good for me; and they are a great alternative to rawhide chews, which you may not know are not very good for dogs.

Not only do they present a choking hazard, they don't digest very easily and could become lodged in the intestines creating a dangerous health hazard. In addition, many rawhides are processed with chemicals which aren't good for dogs either.

So what's a dog to do? Have your Mum make some yummy homemade sweet potato chews!

Here is the recipe we use, courtesy of  The Dog Treat Kitchen:

Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs

  • Wash a sweet potato (organic is best and we like to peel them). 
  • Cut down the middle lengthwise. 
  • Then cut long lengthwise slices about 1/3 to 1/4 of an inch wide and place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet (use a stainless steel, for healthier cooking).
  • Put in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 hours.

This leaves them kind of chewy, but you could also bake them a little longer (about 20-30 minutes) to get them crunchy. Keep them refrigerated for up to three weeks. You can freeze them for up to 4 months.

Oh, and you can waffle cut them for more fun. Enjoy! And let us know how your dog likes them!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bamboo: A sustainable material used to make dog products healthier, greener and safer for dogs!

Look bamboo!

We found this growing down the road from us and stopped to take a photo. The folks that are growing it were chopping some down that day and stripping it a bit. We saw they had used them as stakes in their garden. Wonder what else they are using it for?

Bamboo is really interesting stuff. Classified as a perennial evergreens, bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world; some growing as fast as up to 100 cm (39 in) within a 24 hour period. (Bet that was another type than the ones we saw, but wow!)

Bamboo has been used for centuries in building materials in Asia and the South Pacific regions; and more recently in materials in other countries. It's sustainable in that it's a very renewable source, since it grows rapidly; making it a desirable material for the eco-friendliness.

New shoots are used in Asian cuisine and also used in Chinese medicinal herbs concoctions. In it's mature form, it's also used in clothing, shoes, furniture, water processing, landscaping, paper, kitchen utensils, flooring, fences and even as construction for bicycles. And that's just the beginning!

Bamboo is now also used in a wide variety of dog products, too!

Our Raise A Green Dog Partners carry some of the most fun, unique, healthy and interesting dog products made of bamboo. carries the Doggone Smart Bed which is made of 100% organic cotton/bamboo fabric dyed with all natural vegetable dyes. It provides a soft feel and durability; making it one of the world only fully biodegradable bed.

They also carry the every pupular Wagging Green line of dog collars made with a double layer of our super soft 100% organic Bamboo fiber; and very handsome, soft collars too.

Their very cool and healthy Bamboo Bowls are made from bamboo and cooked rice husks. A much better choice over plastic bowls that can leach chemicals and harbor bacteria.

And this uber cute (great for the holiday season) Apple Red & Thyme Green Dog Knit Sweater, Apple Red stripes are made out of a mix of Viscose from Bamboo and Wool. Looks warm!

Raise A Green Dog Partner Uncommon Paws carries the very cool Planet Dog Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL, engineered with sustainable Bamboo and Cork Scraps. It's a sleek take on other ball-tossing devices, Wood Chuck® bamboo core offers strength and maximum chuck-ability with an ergonomic cork handle for comfort and grip-ability throw, after throw., another one of our pawsome partners, carries the OurPets Double Bamboo Bistro with Drawer - a very stylish and eco-friendly feeder that will look great in any green home! Designed with eco-friendly and attractive bamboo, Bamboo Bistro feeders are perfect for medium and large breed dogs and will look terrific in any home.

And our newest RAGD Partner - HappyDogsPlay has a very cute and loveable Organic Precious Pat Dog.

So you can see bamboo is a very eco-friendly, safe, healthy and sustainable material that can be used in a wide variety of products for your home, life and your dog!
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